Hemp Cloth Face Mask 1ply

Adult | Children
Washable Face Cloth Mask - Naturally Anti-Bacterial and Breathable- Maxi face Protection. Comfortable Hemp mouth and nose cover. 1 ply
Adjustable cloth strings - 2 sizes Adult - Kids

WHY CHOOSE A HEMP FACE MASK? Hemp - Ecocert Certified Organic Cotton blend.
* Say No to those nasty chemicals that lurk in most synthetic fabrics and protect your lungs.
* Say NO to disposable items that end up in the landfills or in the ocean and protect your planet. Our fabric is bio-degradable, zero waste, healthful.

MATERIAL: Hemp - Organic Cotton Muslin
SIZE: Adult: 9" from ear to ear. 5" from nose to chin. Kids: 8"from ear to ear. 4" from nose to chin (model on the pic is 8 yeas old)
Color: Natural
* Ships within 1-2 business days *
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